We're Condor Consulting. We’re an innovative marketing agency. Before letting our imagination flow wild, we utilize a portion of disciplined strategic thinking. We get under the product’s skin, the market and the target audience. Making full utilization of all the quantitative and qualitative research available, we evaluate all the relevant topics. We continually strive to deliver excellent quality work, customer service, and value for money.

When you join our firm as either a client or an associate, you can access a wealth of knowledge and unmatched industry data. Eventually, that’s what makes us extraordinary; we seek excellence on the job and work to give our clients the very best. This quality amplifies our strength in providing outstanding results to our clients.

Shaping the workspace of the future

Our dedication to shaping the workspace we live in takes more than a visionary spirit and progressive thinking – we are also passionate about expanding and have the trust and courage to act. Everyone’s voice is heard, and our opinions matter. We thrive on collaboration, open dialogue and learning in a fast-paced environment. We draw power from our relaxed, diverse atmosphere where we can be our true selves.

At Condor Consulting, we focus on empathy as it can go a long way in the industry and is one of the most critical soft skills to develop and use daily. It builds leadership, enhances work environments, strengthens relationships and overall makes a difference in the client’s experience with us. Acknowledging the humanity in each person, we contact and treating everyone with care and kindness is at the heart of this value.

Together, all these factors make us who we are – and why Condor Consulting associates are engaged and why clients want to do business with us. It forms a robust platform from which our product brands can outshine the competition.

Enriching career development

We know the importance of empowering our people, so we like to invest in their growth. All associates experience technical and customer support training that helps them meet customer requirements and provide solutions. We always seek leadership skills, take charge, and solve creative thinking problems. When you join us, you can be sure of learning and acquiring knowledge through a unique set of teachings and values.

An ideal applicant would be thrilled to learn and grow into a more prosperous person. If Condor Consulting sounds like a firm you would like to get associated with, then please send us your resumé along with the cover letter to hr@condorconsultinginc.com

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