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Discover what it means to be part of Condor Consulting, What drives the projects we do for our clients, and the values that unify our team.

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Life at Condor Consulting

We are a group of people with varying specialties who succeed in working together for our client's success. At Condor Consulting, we value teamwork and feel that we gain momentum that boosts our abilities and our client’s prosperity by performing together.

When working together on a project, we are devoted to getting the best results for our clients. By recognizing our people’s cultures and unique backgrounds, we transform geographies, foster innovation, and support our clients worldwide.

The people who find their home at Condor Consulting are:

Looking to start or change their careers

From day one, professional development is encouraged and supplemented with training and mentorship that helps you learn, grow and live out your values. Our program provides critical business training in just six months. You will learn how to grab an audience’s attention and create maximum revenue during this time. This education program caters to each person’s needs.

Interested in building business skills with long-term benefits

Knowledge is the key to growth, so Condor Consulting invests in the teams’ professional and personal development. Our hands-on experience and leadership training will let you be highly involved starting from day one in the professional role you take on. The company responsibility directs you to be exposed to events to help you build your skills faster, stronger and more competitively.

Hungry to work hard and prove themselves

Research reveals that if associates have a good time, they will work harder, remain longer, keep calm in difficult times and take better care of the firm. At Condor Consulting, we offer attractive benefits to those who achieve success by fulfilling and often surpassing distinctly defined and measurable objectives. This approach allows us to retain our qualified people and give the best solutions to our clients, so it is a win-win situation for us all.

Our Values believe that:

  • Core Value: 1

    You are the master of your success.

  • Core Value: 2

    The key to a prosperous career is hard work.

  • Core Value: 3

    Personal and external accountability drive progress.

  • Core Value: 4

    Success starts with equipping for and commitment to what lies ahead.

  • Core Value: 5

    Adaptability to constant changes in today’s diverse world.

Leaders Who Care

We have leaders in every facet of direct marketing, and every single person plays a critical role in our recent wins and future growth. When you join our team, you are assigned a manager with in-depth expertise and knowledge in their field, not a single jack-of-all-trades. Rest assured that they’ll direct you to success as smoothly as possible because they’ve been there and done it all.

Meaningful Perks

Condor Consulting isn’t just a place to work; it’s a place to do a good job you are passionate about with great colleagues who will support you. We’ve created a work culture where associates bring their A-game and take it further every day. Additionally, we will sharpen your skills as you undergo our training process.

    • Here you will grow through:
    • Hands-on Feedback
    • Rapid Growth Potential
    • Team Building Events
    • Easygoing Environment
    • Travel Opportunities
    • Individual Training
    • Professional Development
    • Executive Mentorship

Training and Certification

Your passions and your career development at Condor Consulting are vital to us. While you are in the driver’s seat of your career, we empower your ambition through training. Not only that – Condor Consulting career opportunities also include 6-12 months of an invaluable combination of training, hands-on experience and real-time feedback that will help you boost your career trajectory.

A significant part of your career development is designed to help you excel and meet your aspirations and personal goals. Our opportunities allow you to learn about our clients’ necessary industry standards and compliance. Overall you won’t be stagnant and part of a dull cubicle here. At Condor Consulting, we inspire our team members to engage in several networking events.

If you feel that our wealth of knowledge and collective workspace are what you need, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to We are always happy to talk about what you are looking for.

Serving across San Fernando, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Ontario, Riverside, and the surrounding areas.