Government-Funded Outreach

Assurance Wireless is a telephone service funded by the federal Lifeline Assistance program, a government benefit program by the federal Universal Service Fund. They distribute free phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all people have the phone service’s prospects and security, including access to job opportunities and family and emergency services. Such cellular distribution programs change people’s futures.

Focused on the Future

Condor Consulting’s teams play an essential role in advancing future generations in partnership with giant telecommunication companies. We are honored to have gotten the chance to be a trusted partner to Assurance Wireless to help communities in need get cell phones and services that create new opportunities.

Clear communication is the purpose of every telecom business, and that’s exactly why we employ the best approach to connect with individuals who will benefit from the services. We effectively target consumers and then reach out to those who suit this government-funded program to build long-term stability.

Could you make a Difference With Us?

Knowing that we’re supporting others to stay connected keeps our team members inspired to achieve results. Let’s work together to provide access to these invaluable services. Join the team to be part of this vital outreach program that deeply affects societies in need by giving them a lifeline.

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